31 Jan 2023

What is a Stairlift Elevator and Does My House Need One

Have you found yourself wondering “What is a stairlift elevator?” If so, you’re in good hands! Able Access is Utah’s #1 Stairlift company and provides a comprehensive stairlift experience from start to finish. We’re here to walk you through stairlifts, answering any questions you may have along the way! 

What is a Stairlift Elevator

Stairlifts allow you to move safely and efficiently between the levels of your home. A convenient and reliable alternative for those with limited mobility, they improve the quality of life at home by allowing you to move about with ease. With stairlifts, you can remain in the home you love and bypass the difficult decision to move for mobility and accessibility reasons. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice your style by installing a stairlift. Our modern stairlifts include sleek, stylish options that won’t disrupt the character of your home.

How Do I Know if I Need a Stairlift Elevator? 

If stairs are a daily challenge or looming fear for you at home, it may be time for a stairlift. Constant falling (up or down) stairs, reliance on banisters or railing, or scooting up and down stairs in a seated position all make a strong case for an at-home stairlift. Maybe you don’t need to improve your mobility, but someone in your house could greatly benefit. If part of your daily routine is helping someone up and down the stairs, you might consider installing a stairlift in your home to improve this process and restore independence. 

What Is A Stairlift Elevator? | Able Access Stairlift 

Able Access Stairlift is a leading provider of stairlifts in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you’re seeking a reputable stairlift company, Able Access can help! If stair lifts are not what you’re looking for, Able Access Stairlift provides home elevators and wheelchair lifts. Contact us today

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