06 Mar 2023
person in wheelchair being lifted up staircase

How Much Do Wheelchair Lifts Cost? 

Wheelchair lifts are designed to allow a wheelchair and its occupant to be rolled onto a platform and then raised in the air to overcome an obstacle, most likely stairs. Our wheelchair lifts for homes can also be installed on the inside or outside of your residence, opening up more accessibility for everyone. Due to all of these factors, the price of wheelchair lifts can vary! 

How Much Do Stairlifts Cost?

With a stairlift installation from Able Access Stairlifts, you will be free to enjoy your entire home just like you should be. Our innovative, safe, and stylish stairlifts allow you to live with the utmost comfort and ease. With Able Access Stairlifts providing many high-end and affordable options, we are sure to meet all of your design and budget standards. We carry different manufacturers and styles of stairlifts to choose from, and our helpful consultants can help you choose a stairlift installation that fits your home and needs. To learn more about our stairlift pricing, contact us today! 

Able Access Elevator 

If you’re curious about our wheelchair lift and stairlift pricing, give us a call! Once you get in contact with someone on our team, we will schedule a home visit and can provide you with a free quote. Let Able Access bring accessibility to your home.

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